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Kjen Wood Bible Figures

kjen wood bible stories wooden toys recessed line raw wood.jpg
kjen wood bible stories wooden toys painted figures laminated card blind man  raw wood.jpg

Our wood Bible figures are a great hands-on learning tool that can be used in every setting where wooden toys can aide in teaching Bible stories to children.  Each story is designed for specific Bible verses. Our design team then draws the figures to best illustrate the scripture.


One of the features of our raw wood Bible story figures, is a carved recessed line.  This recessed line provides a tactile experience for the child as they hold and manipulate the figures. We also offer a painted version of the Bible story figures. The painted figures do not have carved lines, but offers a visual Bible learning experience as well.  Both options are produced with non-toxic materials so your child is safe.  And finally, each story comes with a laminated scripture card.

Below, you will see a list of our current Bible story sets. The list will be updated as we carve additional stories.


Our Bible Story Figures

Most of Our Bible Stories Are Available in Raw Wood or Paint
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