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"Unleashing Creativity: Bringing Bible Stories to Life with Painted Wood Figures"

Updated: Apr 18

Painted wooden characters of the last supper with Jesus and apostles

Incorporate wood painted Bible story figures in your hands-on learning curriculum. We have tried for several years to give our customers an option for raw wood figures and painted figures. Painted figures were challenging due to final topcoat to protect the paint. However, we believe our persistence has paid off! We now have Bible stories and puzzles as a painted or raw wood option. Raw wood provides the tactile learning experience while the painted version offers a visual learning experience.

Incorporating wooden painted Bible story figures into teaching or storytelling can be a creative and engaging way to bring Bible stories to life. Here are some ideas on how you can use these figures:

  • Gather children in a circle and use the figures during Sunday school lessons or Bible study sessions. As you discuss specific Bible passages, display the corresponding figures.

  • For instance, if you’re teaching about David and Goliath, place the David and Goliath figures side by side. Discuss the courage of David and the power of faith.

  • Encourage children to ask questions about the characters and events. For example, if you’re telling the story of Noah’s Ark, children can hold the Noah figure and ask, “Why did God choose Noah to build the ark?”

  • Organize mini dramas or skits using the figures. Children can take turns playing different characters. This activity encourages creativity and helps children internalize the stories.

Remember that the goal is not just to teach facts but to help children connect emotionally and spiritually with the Bible stories. Encourage discussions, questions, and reflections as you incorporate these painted wood figures into your Bible story teaching.

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